Technology Career Training

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Retraining and preparing your mind and mindset. Supporting in developing confidence and a clear direction in achieving your career goals and your personal success.

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Project Management

Providing you with a step by step guide of the stages involved in a project, and what needs to be done by a project manager at each stage.

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IT In Organisations

Understanding the various software and technology within the organisation. Gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to successfully utilise it.

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Business Analysis

Understanding the importance of business analysis in a project and learning several practical methods that can be applied.

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Delving into the Software Development Life Cycle. Providing a detailed overview of the software development models that are generally used. Ensuring you are fully prepared to utilise all the core project management systems with confidence.

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Transferable Skills

Building the necessary transferable skillset that all aspiring Project Managers need, allowing for greater success and progression within the industry.

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“Degree’s do not guarantee jobs, people do” – The Telegraph

You have spent several years studying, graduated and now are left wondering why you haven’t landed the job your lecturers promised you would. Or perhaps you have and are soon realizing that you are unable to properly apply theory to practice?

Then there is the thought that you are treading water, unequipped to take your career to the next level due to lack of confidence and skill? Or you think Project Management may be for you, but don’t know where to start?

Who are Career Sharp:

Career Sharp is a training company on a mission to produce strong candidates in the field of IT and Digital Project Management. Our course comprising of classroom sessions as well as one to one mentoring/coaching program is designed to produce strong candidates. By the end of the course, you will possess the necessary skills and experience to achieve success within the industry. The course is taught by industry leaders, with attendance from prospective employers and recruiters.

What the course offers:

Career Sharp is passionate about helping you realize your career potential. Our course has been put together by industry experts in the field of Technology, education and training. The syllabus consists of theories taken from industry-wide recognised methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and Agile / SCRUM. As such our course is a combination of theory, practical and hands on experience, through live project management case studies. Helping to prepare you to be well-rounded and ultimately more attractive to prospective employers.

You will have access to our exclusive online portal, which acts as an interactive hub to connect with other members and mentors. Your coursework can be uploaded onto the portal, course material and industry updates, bonus tips, tricks and insights can also be accessed. Teamed with live job and internship opportunities which you can apply for.

Course Bonuses:

  • CV preparation
  • 1 year membership and full access to the online portal
  • 3 month mentorship/coaching
  • 3 month job search support
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