03 Dec 2016

Are You Accepting The Right Job?

If you’ve recently attended an interview and been offered a job, congratulations! First and foremost this is fantastic and should give you a real confidence boost following all those applications and all that hard work to get noticed in what is a very difficult climate to get a job in the first place. Regardless of what we are going to talk about next, getting a job offer is an achievement in itself, so well done.

The problem is, we can easily get excited about getting offered a job, often without considering whether or not that is because we really, really wanted that particular job, or we just want any old job.

It’s hard to find a satisfying, wonderful job that makes your heart sing, it is. Choosing one that isn’t right might feel like a step in the right direction, but commonly it can mean several steps back. When you take a job that isn’t right for you, you can end up missing out on another job opportunity that was better or that had better prospects, you could end up with your confidence knocked, or end up undervalued. All of which would have been avoided if you had just waited for your dream job to come along. That isn’t to say this job offer isn’t right, but you should certainly question it before accepting it, just to make sure, because it is a big decision. Here are a few things to consider when you get that big job offer:

Is There Room For Growth?

It is so important to look ahead of the job itself. Sure the position is great now, but what about in six months to a year’s time when you need to stretch yourself, to push your skills, to advance, is there opportunity to do so? You should see at least one way to advance your career in this position. Unsure? Don’t be afraid to ask the manager hiring you. Say it in a way that suggests you would be more than dedicated to the current position, but, you would like to know if there are opportunities to gain funded training, apply for promotions and further your experience and skills in the future.

Are My Work Values In Sync With The Company?

This is something many people don’t think about when they apply for a job but it is so important, you really should think about it. Do you value putting in extra time or effort? Is teamwork your biggest priority? Do you expect to be seen for your individual input in a project? Check that the company works in the same way as you do, as a mismatch in values could leave you feeling undervalued or frustrated.

Are The Wages High Enough?

Obviously, you’re going to need a certain amount of money to pay for your lifestyle, so you will have a desirable figure in mind when it comes to the job pay. You might not have asked about the pay when you had the interview, in which case you need to find out before considering accepting the job. The amount might not be high enough to pay for everything that needs paying for, or it might not be a fair wage for the job you are applying for. You should never accept a lower wage than you need and the only reason you should ever accept a lower wage than you want, is when the other benefits are worth it IE: vital experience for your career, more job satisfaction than your previous position, better hours, more courses advice or funded training.

Is The Boss/ Manager Someone I Want To Work For?

They don’t have to be a nice person and they don’t have to be ‘your kind of person’ but you do want to have some sort of vibe with them that makes you want to do a good job. Hopefully you will have been interviewed by your manager, in which case you can assess what they were like. Hopefully you clicked in some way and could imagine yourself working for them. There’s nothing quite as rubbish as having a great job with a horrible manager that makes your life hell everyday.

Did The Workplace Seem Nice?

This sounds a bit wishy washy, but it really isn’t when you think about having to be somewhere for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So think about the workplace and whether or not you see yourself working there. Consider:

  • If the ergonomics seemed comfortable – was there harsh lighting, did the desks seem modern, was it particularly cold or hot
  • Was the uniform something you could embrace?
  • Were the staff nice? Did they seem friendly?

Is It Close Enough?

You might have forgotten to remember that a one hour bus journey to and from the interview wouldn’t be just a one off if you accepted the job. Could you cope with this level of commute twice a day, in rush hour, everyday? Will the costs be astronomical?

Will This Job Make Me Happy?

This is the key question you need to ask yourself.

If right now all you want is money, and this job means you can pay the bills, then it will relieve you of financial stress and make you happy right now, plus it is always easier to get a job when you’re currently employed. However, if you know deep down in your gut this job will actually hinder your career progress, and you’re just accepting out of desperation or worry, then perhaps you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Is it worth taking some courses advice and looking into some training so you can actively train towards a job that will make you happy? Can you afford to wait until a job that gets you excited comes along? Think deep and hard about this job offer, and whether or not it aligns with your current and long term career goals – remember you deserve a job that makes your heart sing, is this job the one to do that?