The training syllabus consists of not only theories taken from industry-wide recognised methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and Agile / SCRUM but application on how to effectively utilise these methodologies to effectively deliver on your project. Teamed with retraining your mindset to ensure you possess the confidence to successfully apply, in your existing job or, within your next Project Management role. In addition, the course exposes you to industry leaders, recruiters and prospective employers, teamed with extensive mentoring and coaching, CV preparation, interview coaching and much more. Leaving you in the right mindset, with the right skills and prepared to take your next step within the industry.




Retraining and preparing your mind and mindset. Supporting in developing confidence and a clear direction in achieving your career goals and your personal success.

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Project Management

Providing you with a step by step guide of the stages involved in a project, and what needs to be done by a project manager at each stage.

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IT In Organisations

Understanding the various software and technology within the organisation. Gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to successfully utilise it.

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Business Analysis

Understanding the importance of business analysis in a project and learning several practical methods that can be applied.

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Delving into the Software Development Life Cycle. Providing a detailed overview of the software development models that are generally used. Ensuring you are fully prepared to utilise all the core project management systems with confidence.

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Transferrable Skills

Building the necessary transferable skillset that all aspiring Project Managers need, allowing for greater success and progression within the industry.

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